From the Most Severe Trauma Incident to Personal Non-Emergency Medical Transport, We’ll be there for You.

Regal Ambulance delivers the most premium emergency medical services and patient transportation, thanks to our team of highly trained workforce, 24×7 alarm center, advanced medical equipment, innovative software, GPS tracker, and more.

Providing Best-In-Class and High Quality Services


24×7 emergency response team that is ready to handle any medical emergency.


Non-emergency and long distance ground ambulance transfers.


International & domestic medical evacuation & repatriation.


Medical support team on-standby for corporate events, sports, concerts, etc.


Home life support equipment rental services.


Custom life support/first aid training for your company and employees.

Why Choose
Regal Ambulance?

Trained Ambulance Pilots

 All our ambulance pilots are fully trained in defensive driving as well as emergency response driving. Furthermore our ambulance pilots are also trained as First Responders and/or Emergency Medical Technicians. Thus they are able to provide crucial emergency medical care whenever required.

Licensed Paramedics

Paramedics are the heart-beat of Regal Ambulance. All our paramedics are fully licensed and trained. Rest assured you are in good hands. In a high-stakes situations our paramedics will be able to act quickly, accurately and decisively.

Experienced Doctors

Regal Ambulance is lead by doctors with vast experiences in emergency services and medical care. With our experience doctors, Regal Ambulance capable of providing a breadth of services from tele-consultation, trainings, complex medical transfers and more.

Fully Equipped Ambulances

All our ambulances are fully equipped with the latest and essential life support equipment. Regal Ambulance always is ready to deploy no matter the situation and complexity.