Working with both the government and private sectors, Regal Ambulance is ready to respond and to provide pre-hospital care at the scene of an emergency. Our rescue team is trained and certified to perform advanced life support, administer IV fluids, injections, medications and performing advanced respiratory procedures.


Punctuality and professionalism are what we bring to patient transport. We put safety and comfort into the experience of being relocated between health facilities or to/from home. Scheduled transfers for non-emergency request are pre-arranged to transfer patients who are immobile or acutely ill and requires medical supervision during the relocation.


Having long standing working partnerships with international insurance providers and medical centres worldwide, we assist to coordinate the logistics of repatriating a patient by providing medical escorts including EMTs, nurses, medical assistants, and doctors for air and/or ground ambulance transfers. Our medical escort team are on call 24 hours a day and can be activated within a few hours.


Providing comprehensive solutions and tailor-made support to events, be it small private production set or large public festivals, bringing safety to the next level. Our flexible options are designed to scale with your event and budget.


Nursing equipment available to hire 24/7 with competitive pricing, delivery and installation service included.


Regal Ambulance prides itself in the high-quality service that we provide to our patients. Our operational capability is enhanced through intensive and continuous education given to each of our team member. Regal Training Centre delivers dynamic and effective ERT training programs not only to our employees but also to corporates or individuals interested in a career in EMS.

Whilst there are various courses available in the market that will cover the basics, we provide a course tailored to the specific environment by replicating real life scenarios in order for the participant to be more competent at dealing with complex injuries in a workplace or challenging environment.